sâmbătă, 31 decembrie 2011

NYE MMXII first upload - Rhythm Plate - Rush On Me (Lee Burridge - 24:7 Day Disc)

here's a version that we really like, it's Stephanie Mills' You're Puttin' A Rush On Me from Lee Burridge's 24:7 album... you should also check out the Kastil Edit of the tune


Happy New Year!!!

joi, 24 noiembrie 2011

music for the first winter days...

ok bears, the long winter is just starting so get comfortable. my choice for these cold and gloomy days is this... the "Anantes EP" by Bostro Pesopeo, (released last year at Permanent Vacation).


being a pretty new album i won't share an mp3 for download but you can listen to all the tracks on the bostro pesopeo soundcloud page.

hope you'll dig...here goes

Bostro Pesopeo - 0000 by Bostro Pesopeo

vineri, 18 noiembrie 2011

Marcello's choice

Marcello Giordani is a DJ, producer and also the founder of Italo Deviance, one of the most important disco blogs.
For a few days he was in Bucharest and we asked him to choose a record from his impressive collection (more than ten thousand records), one that he really likes and share it with us. His choice was Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair (1981) (http://www.discogs.com/Jimmy-Ross-First-True-Love-Affair/release/214227).

Thank you Marcello! :)


AND ALSO --- if you are in Hamburg on the 26th of November, Marcello will play with another really nice DJ, Mr Christian Beetz, that also has a very friendly blog, FrequencyWithoutControl

marți, 8 noiembrie 2011

few days left until we party with a special guest - Marcello Giordani

Camera Sambo - 10 Nov 2011 @ Control Club, Bucharest (Marcello Giordani/Bogman/Sick Carantino/Rocky Siffredo)